I Fix It

"I Fix It - Einfach wegwerfen?" is Spec Spot about the impact of recycling and the value of things created by Moritz Schlögell (Director) and HFF Munich (Co-Production)

⸺ Credits

Cast: Astrid Polak

Director: Moritz Schlögell
DoP: Manuel Lübbers
Production Design: Kilian Bohnensack
Gaffer: Felix Press
H&M: Lena Herrmann
Producer: Michaela Mederer, Amelie Deck, Christoph Degenhart
Visual Effects: Chris Kühn

⸺ VFX Work

CG & Compositing work:
- Creating a CG replica of a washing machine
- Retouch of several takes to achieve a bigger wind impact
- simulation of rubber bands
- integration of all CG elements into the scene