17 Souls

Problems arise on a flight to Jamaica despite the best weather conditions. The captain and the crew did not intervene.

About the project:

17 Souls is an animated short, that was created during my first year at HFF Munich. Together with my colleagues Christian Geßner & Nico Schwarz, we worked on a fictional story about a abandoned aircraft from the late 40s.

⸺ VFX Work

For a detailed breakdown of my CG & Compositing work take a look at my showreel.


⸺ Credits

Michaela Mederer

Pilot Voice
Maximilian Klampfl

Script - Modeling - Texturing - Rigging - Animation - Compositing
Chris Kühn

Concept - FX
Nico Schwarz

Concept - Modeling - Texturing - Lighting
Christian Geßner

Project Supervision
Prof. Michael Coldewey
Prof. Jürgen Schopper

Project Consultant
Rodolfo Anes Silveira

VFX Pipeline TD
Jonas Kluger

Line Producer
Ina Mikkat

Team Assistant to Line Producer
Jenny Freyburger

Team Assistant
Petra Hereth

Color Grading
Claudia Fuchs

Sound Designer
Rodolfo Anes Silveira & Gerhard Auer

Technical Support
Benedikt Geß
Florian Schneeweiß

Martin Foerster

Christian Geßner
Chris Kühn
Nico Schwarz

Thanks to
"Super" Dirk Mauche
Heike Kluger
Melanie Beisswenger
Felix Hörlein
Kathrin Hawelka
Dennis Brinkmann