Clientallergikerfilm UGServicesVFX SupervisonYear2023

Goldrush is a gripping short film directed by Justina Jürgensen adorned with VFX by myself, three tenacious gold-digging women find their destinies entwined in a treacherous pursuit of wealth.

⸺ About the project:

Goldrush was the first project I supervised, overseeing the visual effects from early drafts until the end of post-production. My work included calculating potential VFX shots, considering the availability of VFX artists, and ensuring that the delivery of the final shots aligned with the overall look of the project.

⸺ Credits

Directed by Justina Jürgensen
DoP - Moritz Dehler
VFX Supervisor - Chris Kühn
Compositing Artists - Malte Pell, Christian Geßner, Chris Kühn
Production - allergikerfilm UG