A satirical social spot on behalf of foodwatch.

Wolf of Candystreet



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About the project

Happy Foods is a fictitious food company. In its control center, the boss is waging a battle against the far too healthy eating habits of children. Using sophisticated software, he and his employees directly connect with children via their tablets and advertise sugary products with a click of the mouse. To do this, they use influencers who cleverly promote these products.
But 12-year-old Tina causes them great trouble, because her mother won’t let her out of her sight. A fierce zapping competition begins between the company and her mother to control what the girl sees on her tablet.


Maximilian Brückner
Sebastian Fritz
Julia Angeli
Bernadette Schnabl
Josephine Schnabl

Directed by: NOZY (Fariba Buchheim & Andreas Pfohl)
Screenplay: Josef Fink, Andreas Pfohl, Fariba Buchheim
A NOZY Films production

Director of Photography: Luis de Maia
First Camera Assistant: Florian Neuner
B-Cam Operator: Lea Dähne
First Camera Assistant, B-Cam: Andy Fiur
Camera stage: Paul Kölbl
VTR: Christian Moes
DIT: Ruben Stief
Lead Gaffer: Christoph Blase
Gaffer: Fabian Pfriem
Production Sound: Attila Makai
Production Sound Assistant: Andrew Hanson

Sounddesign, Mix: Philip Hutter
Set Design: Florian Maximilian Kammer
Set Design Assistant: Eda Yilmaz
Set Design Graphics: Ralf Fischer
Costume: Elli Herfellner
Make-up Artist: Nadine Hermann

Editor, Colorist: Tobias Beul
2D-Artist, Screen Designer: Chris Kühn
VFX Supervisor: Christian Baum, Magnet FX
VFX Postproduktion: Magnet FX
Camera- and Lightequipment: Videolink

Assistant Director: Josef Fink
Producer: Andreas Pfohl, Fariba Buchheim, Tiffany Winteler & Elli Herfellner / Winteler Productions

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  • Category: Motion Graphics
  • Client: NOZY Films
  • Year: 2020
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